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Say Hola to Lala World PTE Ltd

Well, to give you a very basic idea before we dive into the details, we at LALA WORLD PTE Ltd., have an objective,a vision and that is to integrate cryptocurrencies into the everyday lives of people, making them easy to buy, hold, spend or sell, making this operation cheaper, safer and decentralized. We are here […]

How LaLa World Plans To Make Cryptocurrency Useful In The Future

Technology continues to make life easier. Everything, from shopping to social connect, to digitizing the cable network, has been done to provide the factor of convenience. With the advent of technology, transferring money in the form of cash, cheque, demand drafts, or money orders, may seem like ancient and useless methods. These methods are far […]

LaLa World Making Life Easier For Migrant Workers and Their Families

International migration is an integral part of world economy. According to the United Nations, there were close to 230 million migrants worldwide, excluding refugees, in 2015. These migrants leave their homes and lands in search of greener pastures, to find an opportunity to eke out a meaningful living for the safe and secure future of […]

LALA World Bounty Program: Translation Bounty

Hello people! We introduced you all to LALA World’s Bounty Campaign in the previous blog. As promised, here we are to talk more about the campaign. Of course, the details are available on Bitcointalk forum: And you also know by now that the budget for this bounty campaign totals 7.2 Million LaLa Tokens, 3% […]

LALA World Bounty Program

Hello people! We hope that you all have gotten a better understanding about LALA World’s Bounty Campaign by now. Let us take some time to delve more on the same. As you know, the details are available on Bitcointalk forum: And yes, the budget for this bounty campaign totals 7.2 Million LaLa Tokens, 3% […]

How LALA WORLD is Going to Solve the Age Old Micro-Lending Problems

NEED FOR FINANCING It’s a proven fact that a business can’t survive without financing. Sooner or later, every business goes for a round of investment in one form or another. Some entrepreneurs bootstrap their businesses from their own pockets, but later on go for a venture funding or an IPO, depending on the stage their […]

Empowering the underbanked with a brand new financial services Ecosystem

Just about a year ago terms like “blockchain,” “Bitcoin” and “cryptocurrency” would have at best garnered a raised eyebrow signifying wariness or plain ignorance. Today, however, the situation has changed, if not drastically. We often get dragged, happily, into discussions on things like the “Next Big ICO,” mining (not metal ore, of course!) and smart […]

Here Comes The Much Awaited Bounty Program From LALA World

As you all know very well by now, LALA World (“LALA”) is all about providing much needed and much delayed financial services to migrants and their unbanked families. It is a financial Ecosystem, enabled by the LALA Wallet that works as a single sign-on platform. LALA serves to resolve employment issues, provide digital IDs, contribute […]

Blockchain startup LaLa World aims for financial services for all

Traditional banking started some four centuries ago when a bunch of extremely clever Assyrian and Sumerian traders began making grain loans to farmers and traders carrying goods between cities. Lenders in ancient Greece and Rome sat outside temples and made can and also deposited money. The birth of the banking system as we see today […]

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